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Our best-selling Super Powder revs up your metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar, eliminates bloat and decreases puffiness. It is a powerful partner to a plant-rich diet for metabolic slowdown caused by age, diet, and stress. The naturally rich, low-sugar chocolate flavor is perfect for smoothies or simply mixed with coconut water or nut mylk. But there’s more flexibility to be found. Inspired by the thousands of clients who have made Metabolism Super Powder part of their daily or weekly routine, we created a week-plus roster of smoothies, desserts, and beverages you can enjoy morning till night while reaping the benefits of the powerful ingredients like horsetail extract to eliminate bloat, L-glutamine to support digestion and enhance energy, and black pepper piperine to calm inflammation. 

Whip up the following recipes in your kitchen to enjoy delicious dishes while banishing bloat, improving mental clarity, and creating sustained energy. 


Chocolate-Cherry Metabolism Super Smoothie 

An afternoon pick-me-up can take many forms. But few can boast the functional benefits of this fruit-filled smoothie. Sip as you banish bloat, fight fatigue, improve digestion, and fix a sluggish metabolism. 

Metabolism-Revving Pancakes 

A weekend morning ritual gets a healing upgrade. Begin with a base of gluten-free flour, applesauce, and banana. Add the Metabolism Super Powder for a hit of cacao and functional ingredients, amino acids, and antioxidants. As a final flourish, sprinkle mint, bananas, compote, or grade A maple syrup.


Fired-Up Chocolate Mousse

A guest-ready dessert filled with healthy fats and depuffing ingredients? It’s right here. Avocado ensures a creamy, rich flavor, while maple syrup lends a sweetness that doesn’t overwhelm. A pinch of cayenne adds a small dose of heat that balances it all. 


Cacao-Chia Pudding 

Magnesium-rich, antioxidant-packed, with a deep cacao flavor, we love this for a weekday breakfast. Plus, chia seeds are a potent source of plant-based protein and brain-boosting omegas. We love to top with a handful of fresh raspberries and a tablespoon of cacao nibs.


Coconut-Crunch Parfait

Easy enough for every day, special enough for company, this layered breakfast or brunch dish has dreamy notes of banana, cacao, coconut, and almond butter. The crunchy topping comes from Sakara Classic Superfood Granola or chopped pecans.

Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Smoothie

With a flavor profile of nutty banana, we love this recipe for banishing brain fog, helping our skin glow, and providing sustainable, life-giving energy. 


Red Velvet Metabolism Smoothie

In addition to the metabolism-boosting benefits, this smoothie has beets that detoxify, tame inflammation, and reduce oxidative stress. It also includes a sprinkle of cacao nibs that taste decadent but offer magnesium, the critical mineral that soothes digestion. Add a half of a banana—a potent source of prebiotic fiber, which promotes regularity, immunity, cognitive and gut health.


Cinnamon Mocha Latte 

Transform your morning brew into a functional, de-bloating treat. This one is spiked with cinnamon, a powerful antioxidant that lends a warming sense of comfort. 



Healing Hot Cocoa

This treat is designed to sip morning or night. A cocoa-inspired drink that soothes deeply, calms bloat, and elicits a practice of presence. This take on a frothy classic will have you wondering how to reimagine all of your childhood favorites.


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