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My team asked me to put some thoughts down as to what a “summer-ready body” means to me. As someone who spent decades disliking my body, punishing my body, and searching for ways to make myself smaller in every way, I used to think a “summer-ready body” was defined by the ones spread across the magazines, the ones that I’d spent a lifetime trying to emulate. And just behind the impossible feat of getting the body of my dreams was TRUE HAPPINESS. I just knew that once I had that body, everything else would fall into place—I’d find true love, I’d be successful, I’d be confident, etc. 

After healing my relationship to food and to myself, here’s what I now know to be true: Our bodies are a direct reflection of our relationship to our worth and our light. Once I saw myself as worthy of joy, pleasure, play, and abundance, I started fueling my body in a way that reflected that.

It was not ten years of dieting that gave me the body that I love. Not restriction or guilt or fear. Not any of the things we are taught to believe. I built a body I feel good in through love, kindness, strength, and, above all, nourishment. I nourish from a place of worthiness. From a place of reverence for all that my body has done for me: grown and fed two children, carried me through three glorious and challenging decades, allowed me to experience the most divine pleasure. Our bodies do so much for us, and they are worthy of our care. 

It is living and loving this way that has given me the gift that I wish for each and every one of you: freedom. Freedom to experience the joy in life. Freedom to let go of the ‘shoulds.’ Freedom to choose how you want to feel every day.

Our bodies are a direct reflection of our relationship to our worth and our light.

Summer used to be a season of “What new diet can I try?,”  but it has now become a season of, “What can I do to make my body feel stronger or more vibrant?” It's no longer a season about casting judgment over my eating behavior, about analyzing what I did right or wrong. It's about leaning into nourishing myself in the deepest, most powerful ways possible to honor my inherent worthiness—be that more time with friends, more quiet time, or eating MORE of the foods that nourish, heal, and make me feel reallyyyyy good. It's about abundance now instead of lack—and THAT has made all the difference.

A “summer-ready body” is one that allows you to go out and experience all the joy and pleasure you deserve.



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