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Money, love, sex… these are exchanges of energy. And it can be argued that most of us are craving more of all of the above, while in the same breath lamenting about being tired. Sacred energy stores are often expended in all the places we aren’t intending; and the result is a life depleted of zest, desire, and abundance. So how to solve this paradox? The key is to find where these energy leaks lie and address them. The result of this newfound stamina will help lead you to the things you really want

The answer isn’t as simple as getting deeper REM—which is why we gathered a smart circle of experts, who have harnessed energy for the purpose of living with consciousness, high vibrations—and bottom line—making their dream life. 

Below, find an array of natural solutions to unlikely energy blocks, and craft a life of harmony, flow, and inspiration.


In Chinese medicine, Qi refers to our internal life force. Jill Blakeway, acupuncturist, TCM scholar, and author of Energy Medicine finds that protecting this flow of energy is the tool to ultimate synergy. “I like to think of Qi as the body's intelligence,” she explains. “When Qi flows freely, our organ systems work well and our body can bring itself back into balance. Poor Qi circulation can also translates to tight and dense muscles and other tissues, making it hard for them to be nourished or to remove debris, leading to pain and discomfort.” This life force energy is separated into two types: prenatal and postnatal, the former being genetic framework, and the latter as the way we can supplement the Qi we’ve been given. Blakeway says that the most important way we can protect and supplement our Qi is to eat well. “That means choosing natural, unprocessed foods, which are easier for the body to digest and so more nourishing.” In addition, practices like acupuncture have the ability to open up meridians that have trapped emotions, leading to unexpressed feelings. “For example,” she says, “the liver is associated with anger and frustration meaning that repressing these negative emotions and ruminating causes sluggish liver function. Someone suffering from stagnation of liver Qi may have symptoms ranging from flank pain to bursts of irritation to a hormonal imbalance related to estrogen dominance (one of the liver's functions is to process excess estrogen). Another example would be the respiratory system which is associated with grief. I have noticed over the years that people who are grieving are more susceptible to colds or even bronchitis. This is an example of grief draining lung energy and affecting its function.” Blakeway also suggests common sense and accessible practices like regular sleep habits, exercise that emphasizes flexibility, and actively monitoring stress. 

Adopt A Whole-Food, Organic Diet 

Try Acupuncture for Emotional Blocks

Help Your Body Fall Asleep Naturally

Move Your Body With Joy 



How do you re-spark creativity and focus once the lull of the afternoon hits? A nourishing snack may be the answer, but the slew of processed, preservative-laden options are less than inspiring. The spike in insulin, followed by an inevitable refined-sugar crash can result in feeling more depleted than ever. Instead, focus on functional ingredients that nourish the fatty brain tissue and improve cognitive function. Great options include L-theanine and green tea extract, a combination that heightens focus while lowering cortisol (ideal headspace for fostering great ideas!); vitamin B12, a critical nutrient for brain health, mood, and making DNA (note: it’s important to increase stomach acid, and digestive enzymes can be a great aid in this, to better absorb B12); enough plant fiber to support your gut microbes, the control center of your body systems. 


Brew Some Herbal Tea

Make a Delicious Smoothie 


A purged space sets the stage for bigger revelations than just the joy of a clean home; feng shui expert Meghan Wallace James preaches that it’s the critical first step to uncovering what is really behind your lackluster sex life or incompatible job situation. “[Feng shui] is a method of honoring the simple messages: ‘change the sponge’ so that the deeper messages feel safe enough to come through: ‘your lover is a narcissist,’” she explains. James suggests clearing that mental stagnation by taking stock of the physical. Assess what you want the aesthetic to provoke—and ditch those plastic organizational bins while you’re at it. “I despise anything overtly pragmatic or anything plastic,” she asserts. “Sounds harsh, but really, I want folks to live surrounded by beauty. A home filled with cherished possessions and real materials is super turned on.” Just as a sex therapist will encourage couples to put time on the calendar to get it on, James also suggests to carve out the time even if you’re resistant. “Block an afternoon—a whole weekend!—and stock the house with delicious food and great wine. Put on the music and get lost in a joyful moving meditation of loving on your home. Once the ball gets rolling, you will get carried away and obsessed. I cannot tell you how many 3 a.m. texts I get from clients who kept working long after I left our session.”


Consult Meghan Wallace James 

Reset The Energy In Your Space

Reconnect With Your Kitchen

The result of this newfound stamina will help lead you to the things you really want


The butterfly-shaped thyroid gland is responsible for everything from metabolic function, digestion, brain development, and mood. If this sensitive hub of hormones is lagging, energy is the first thing to go missing. Support the thyroid with nutritive choices: find iodine in sea vegetables like seaweed or nori; selenium in Brazil nuts and spinach; and zinc in pumpkin seeds and chickpeas. As an extra health insurance policy, flood your body with Beauty Water Drops which include 72 ionic minerals, among them the aforementioned thyroid supporters. 


Remineralize Your Body

Get Educated on Hormone Health



Bumbling through life without creative fervor can feel soulless. Creative and sexual energy—life-giving energy—come from the sacral chakra. An open, balanced sacral energy center allows you the courage and freedom to trust others, bare your soul, and get truly intimate with another. There are several tactics to coax this out, according to Sakara founders and co-CEOs. “Sometimes I just need to get out of my head to get creative. Go to a yoga class. Paint or do some sort of art. Take a hot bath or shower. If I can’t get out of the office, I opt for some push-ups to get my blood flowing and have a quick shift in energy,” suggests Whitney Tingle. Pelvic floor work, expressive movement that leads with the hips, and Kundalini breathing can also get the job done. While Tingle leans into the physical, Danielle Duboise offers up the advice to slow down: “These days, we put emphasis on efficiency and getting as much done as possible," she says. "The truth is, creativity is not something you can make 'efficient.' It is born out of time and space and a connection to something greater than ourselves. Whenever I'm not feeling creative, it means I need to slow down, and be willing to receive rather than give. As Einstein says 'Creativity is the residue of time wasted.'" Being that the sacral center relates to the water element, nourish this chakra through food. Incorporate hydrating, bright foods like mangos, romaine, and passionfruit; drink herbal tea with immunity-boosting ingredients like rooibos, and sip on mineral-rich brews like seaweed broth. 


Flood Your Body With Greens

Make Time For Self-Care Rituals


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