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At Sakara, we believe that true health and well-being extend beyond just the food we eat. Nutritious, plant-rich food is essential to feeling truly good—as much so, it turns out, as that dinner party, tennis club, or group chat with old friends. These moments nourish an often forgotten pillar of health: community.

It's easy to overlook the profound impact that meaningful connections can have on our overall well-being. But, when we take a cue from the traditional Eastern approach to health, we learn that nutrition, movement, mindfulness, sleep, spiritual wellness, and, yes, community, are all valued equally.

Below, we explore the benefits of community for whole-body  well-being. (Go ahead, start planning that aperitivo hour catch-up or give that childhood friend a call.)




Embracing our larger community helps us feel a part of something real, integrated, and tangible. They deepen and refine our sense of purpose, bring out the best in us, and help us recognize, unquestionably, that we belong. Isn’t that what we all crave?

Science backs it up, too. Studies reveal the profound impact of social relationships on our health, —including lower rates of anxiety and depression, higher self-esteem, greater empathy, and more trusting and cooperative relationships. According to psychologist Sheldon Cohen, PhD, “vibrant social connections boost our good moods and limit our negative ones, suppressing cortisol and enhancing immune function under stress.”

Plus, physical contact—from hand-holding to hugging to sex—can trigger the release of hormones and brain chemicals that not only stoke our sensual fire but also have other biological benefits, like reduced risk for high blood sugar and protection from stress. Take this as an excuse to get playful with a partner (...not that you needed one).




As you continue to nourish your body, mind, and spirit, we invite you to embrace the transformative power of community. That’s why we created our Sakara Community—a gathering online and in-person of vibrant, like-minded individuals for you to share your experiences with and find support within. 

Looking to connect with the Sakara community? To join our conversations about cutting-edge science, new meals, and delicious recipes, follow us on Instagram. To share your experiences, find daily inspirations, get intel from our in-house nutritionist, and chat with fellow Sakaralites, join our private community channel. You can also use your Sakara nutrition to foster community: host an easy, no prep dinner by using meal swaps or bring an extra Protein Super Bar to share post-workout.


Remember wellness is not a solitary pursuit, but a collective journey. Dr. Gerald M. Lemole said, “'I' is the beginning of the word 'illness', whereas 'we' is the first part of the word 'wellness.’" So let's ditch the "I" and embrace the "we" together—because when it comes to wellness, we're all in it for the laughter, empowerment, and vibrant connections that make life truly extraordinary.

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