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We are typically seekers of light, joy and pleasure, but sometimes you have to play with the depths to reach new heights. That’s how we ended up discovering the universe that is Kira and her Panther Process. After a casual stroll into Maha Rose, we quickly realized that her ceremony was beyond anything we’d previously experienced. Her workshop centers around awakening what’s beneath the surface — our shadows— which she describes as “rejected aspects inside our psyche, like grief, fear, shame, abandonment, attachment, addiction and beyond.”

Once identified and brought to the surface, that’s when the real work begins. Through many modalities of healing, Kira creates a space to transform your mind, body, and spirit by honoring all aspects of yourself without judgment. We sat with this mystical woman to chat about using our conscious brain, living fearlessly, and how to tap into our most “chiseled selves.” Class is in session, and enjoy exploring the dark unknown. 

Tell us a bit of your background and what led you to develop the Panther Process? (i.e. Was there an experience/ life moment that led you to this work?)

Panther was born from the Void. It showed up when I had completely let go of control and experienced the Death of who I thought Kira was in the world. More than that, it was breaking the chains that I never knew held me back in my life. I was used to all the pain, the repression, the conforming, the fear, the doubt, the anger, the grief. As a kid I was always different, and studied the Old Ways. It was always perceived as a curse instead of a gift. I was bullied and outcasted with a complicated family history. I wasn’t sure where “home” was. Some years later, after living in NYC for over a decade and working in three different industries I was working in Real Estate at the time and wanted out badly. I promised if the money came, I would leave. And it did...more than I had ever seen and in a short time. A three-week long excursion overseas wound up being three years of the most blissful, gut-wrenching, destroying, exhilarating, passionate, metamorphic recreation of my life. I allowed myself every experience I had every denied myself, I set my Soul on fire with Freedom. I dove in head first into anything I desired. Whether it was spiritual, scuba, arts, music, I even worked with kids in experiential education. Everything was a discovery. A piece to the Panther puzzle. Moment after moment, choice after choice something was mounting yet had no idea what any of it meant. I searched for teachers/guides to take me through this massive process and although surrounded by people, felt no one understood. One night, I was riding my motorbike in Bali in the rice fields under the stars listening to music and I had a vision. Panther began to emerge organically moment by moment. It keeps evolving into a richer state authentic to its mission: to be the guide I didn’t have in exploring the Plutonic* depths of Soul.

Panther is a fully immersive, safe experience into the Shadow* using 5 different modalities (Evolutionary Astrology*, Theta Healing*, Reiki, Shamanic Breathwork, Yoga/Movement) plus psychological methods, somatic therapy*, light therapy, and sound. 


What is the Panther Process and describe what you do?

Panther is a fully immersive, safe experience into the Shadow* using 5 different modalities (Evolutionary Astrology*, Theta Healing*, Reiki, Shamanic Breathwork, Yoga/Movement) plus psychological methods, somatic therapy*, light therapy, and sound. It’s a curation of conscious art inside a healing chrysalis to do the same for others: set their Soul ablaze in Freedom.

Can you explain how the process helps with healing? Are there certain practices or wellness heroes that influence your work? 

Fusing the psyche, the soma*, and the energetic bodies inside the healing process are the most effective way to long-term results. It’s also FAST. Sometimes I still can’t believe how effective it is. Every experience is intuitive alchemy for each client using my entire wisdom base. I'm lucky to continue having profound teachers in my life in all forms that continue to keep Panther blooming.


What is “shadow of the chakras”? Why is it important to address our shadows?

Our Shadows are what we deny ourselves, what we repress. It’s not just the perceived negative emotions it’s also the gifts we can't yet embrace due to our belief systems. These can be a result of family conditioning, Life, the bloodline, past lives, Soul contracts*, diet, decisions, etc etc. We operate from the whopping 90-95% decision-making subconscious brain. If we aren’t digging in there to find out what we don’t know we don’t know, we are operating from the Shadow. Jung called us all “little volcanos about to burst” with all of our projections. The chakras provide an insightful schematic into where these hidden emotions are lurking and tools to work with them. When they are either stagnant or fluid, excessive or depleted, it affects our entire landscape, even the shape of the physical body. By integrating these systems and schools of thought we have a full comprehensive methodology to party with all that is the beauty of us.

Can you share some good exercises to release shame, guilt, trauma...the "negativity"?

The million dollar question....what do we do with all of this? So many spiritual teachings are about letting go, releasing attachment. You can’t let go of what you don’t know is there. The desired nature is still craving resolution. So...FEEL IT. Embrace it all and live fully. Drop in. Taste it. Give it permission to pulse through your veins. We never know the outcome, that is the scary part—letting go of control with no guarantee of what it looks like on the other side. We have to literally dissolve and digest old versions of the Self and surrender. Give your Shadows the same energy and welcoming you do the rest of your emotional landscape and watch how they provide you with more Love than you could possibly imagine.


A great first tool to use to start working with Shadow, is a Fear chart.

  1. Write down something you want or something you are working on that there is a struggle or tension. Perhaps it never quite fits, or it’s out of your reach, or there's a block behind it. It can be an immediate goal or a lifelong objective (ex: a new job, want to have children).
  2. Then, write down the worst things that could happen if you don't get it. (ex: If I don't get the job, I will be broke, my marriage will suffer, I will have to move, the industry doesn't want me, I'm not qualified, I'm not good enough, etc).
  3. Now dig deeper. This requires you getting raw, honest, and authentic with yourself. (The bottom Fears lead to belief systems that are subconsciously ruling your choices.)There is always a gift to not getting what you want, and it often reinforces these systems too.
  4. Write down the gifts. (Example: I’m not good enough. If I'm not good enough it gives me an excuse to stay small. If I stay small then I don't have to be vulnerable and that feels safer. Therefore, not being good enough still serves me). When we can recognize them, the dots will start to connect to other facets of our life, and give us the pathway of where we can begin our Shadow work.

In the Panther Process, this is where the deep guided work really kicks off.

What are your favorite grounding wellness practices?

“Wellness” is a result of personal growth. If we don’t do the inner work, “wellness” is only temporary. To keep myself grounded, I make time for that work or nothing else matters.


Would you share your morning routine and why it works for you?

Movement and breath always bring my energy back into the body. I might start with shaking meditation, dance, laughter—and allow whatever emotions flow up with it. Warm lemon water with a pinch of celtic salt, dash of chlorophyll or Lions Mane or Fo Ti, and yes, a lady still indulges in a coffee. With or without the bougie tinctures. 

How would you describe the evolution of your relationship with your body...10 years ago vs. today?

I grew up thinking I was ugly. I didn’t have a clue about beauty outside of what was “accepted”. Every time I looked at my body there was critical mass behind it. In short, I lived in Shame. I used food or sex as comfort and despite how dedicated my fitness routine was, it was more about looking good than feeling good. In my 20s that shifted, yet something was still missing. It wasn’t until I starting ditching the toxic environments, people, attachments and old belief systems that the self-love I never knew was possible arrived from a profound sense of truth. Vulnerability came as a friend instead of foe. I began to see my body in a gentle, new way. Now I can’t imagine not taking care of Kira and all the things she needs as an empowered Woman living a life of dedicated service in this world.


What’s one thing we can all do today to help uncover our more authentic self, live in a more chiseled version of ourselves?

Do something you are terrified of and see what happens. We find out who we are when we are triggered, not when we are hiding in safety or chasing Bliss. Be different, be notorious.


Do you have a grounding mantra or statement that helps you “take flight”?

Free Yourself is the tagline and core belief underneath Panther. I take hold of my courage with arms out and jump.


What is the greater vision for yourself and the mark you want to leave on the world?

The second we define ourselves, life comes along and says “JUST KIDDING”! I know the thing I’ve always wanted to do was grant wishes. I want to create poignant moments that shape lives... to be magic. I don’t have attachments to what that looks like. So, I surf the Black Rainbow and smile. I’ve never been more excited to see where this ride heads.



We created a quick guide to some of the more esoteric concepts we chatted through, so we can all speak the same witchy lingo.

Plutonic: Pluto represents our Soul in Evolutionary Astrology and many other symbolic forms of study

Shadow: Grief, shame, fear, guilt, disempowerment, illusions, betrayals, abandonment, attachment, addictions … all examples of rejected aspects inside our psyche. Fragments outside of us, mirror what we have buried away deep within.

Evolutionary Astrology: a name used to describe a style of astrology that understands each person's birth chart as a map of the soul's evolution.

Theta Healing: THETA is a type of energy healing on the Theta brainwave using tools like applied kinesiology that focuses on reprogramming limiting belief systems. We co-create our life, and these belief systems live in our mind dictating our choices/actions from the sub/unconscious mind. THETA finds them lurking, extracts them, and downloads you with new ones. Think of it like "The Matrix" when they plug in and know Kung Fu... this is even better.

Somatic Healing: focused body movements taking the client out of their Left Brain and into the sensations of feeling. Energy compacts in the form of dis-ease, trauma, etc and lingers the body. Using certain movements it can be accessed and processed through.

Soul Contracts: an agreement made by our soul to another soul, G-D, this world, etc, that binds us to that accord. They can be made in past lives. Often, they are made coming into this life as its purpose or Dharma.


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