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Sakara exists at the intersection of science and spirit. Filling our bodies and plates with plants is deeply nourishing to the body and soul—something we know from experience that's been confirmed time and again by the latest research.

We tapped some of our most trusted mentors, healers, change-makers and friends to tell the stories of their own personal experiences with plant-based eating. Each has undergone profound changes in their health, performance, confidence and creativity by eating plant foods—and each has found a way to make this lifestyle their own. What it's not: dogmatic, restrictive or unrealistic. What it is: inspiring, motivating and worthy of emulating.

Join next week and discover for yourself what eating plant-based can do for your mind, body and spirit.



Why do you personally eat plants? 

I do it for my health, the planet, and animals, but most importantly because I've never felt better than when I switched to eating a plant-based diet.


In what ways has plant-based eating helped heal you?

I was someone who suffered from horrible cystic acne, and cured it myself by acknowledging the connection to everything I was putting in my body, and whether it had a positive or negative effect on me. I think you can heal a lot of your own symptoms through shifting your thoughts and mindfully looking at the food you're consuming and making the connection on how it actually got to your plate.


What is a change you can see from focusing on nutritious, mindful food?  

A heightened consciousness, mental clarity, increased energy, clear skin, and finding your happy weight naturally. 


What's the biggest myth about eating plant-based you'd love to bust?

The myth that you can't get enough protein! There is protein in almost every single plant-based food. You rarely hear about someone being protein deficient. There are so many ways to consume plant-based protein in a vegan diet. 


What's always in your fridge/ pantry? 

Spirulina, rice milk, coconut milk, sauerkraut, vegan cream cheese, vegan cheese, kale, celery, cucumber, carrots, mushrooms, spinach, coconut water, apples, bananas, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, raspberries, nectarines (right now endless amounts!), avocados, potatoes, fresh whole grain bread. 


Why is it important to incorporate whole foods into your children’s lives?

It's important to start them young with these habits because they're going to be surrounded by kids with poor eating choices. It will become second nature when you instill it in an organic way at home. 


What are your favorite plant-based dishes/ ingredients and why?

My favorite dishes are my oil-free quinoa stir fry, my simple salad with simple salad dressing, pesto pasta and my vegan lasagna is always such a hit. They taste amazing and you don't feel like you're missing out on anything in life - because you're not!


Can you share what your plant-based pregnancy experience has been like? 

The truth is, I haven’t eaten 100% plant-based this entire pregnancy. When I was at my worst with morning sickness and vomiting endlessly all day, the only thing I could keep down was a croissant. Pregnancy teaches you to listen to your body like never before and thankfully after a few episodes of experimenting with other foods nothing has given me more energy or made me feel better in my body than eating mostly a plant-based diet. I’m creating a healthy and hearty (already 6 lb!) baby inside of me and it’s all due to those nourishing plants.


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