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January comes with the buzz and promise of a New Year, but also with some familiar woes: seasonal “blues,” parched winter skin, and the pressure to keep up with just-made resolutions. Without literal hibernation as a viable option, we need to carve out the space, time, and energy to practice self-care this season—a tool that not only feels good in the moment but fuels us to shine our lights a little brighter in the long-run. 

The question becomes, how can we re-imagine our daily (or weekly) practices to ensure we are doing the things we need to fill our cups? How can we show up for ourselves, and thereby for those we love, more? Here are a few tips for restoring your vibrancy and vitality—no matter how many layers you have to wear to leave the house. 


Are you getting enough? Are you breathing deeply, engaging in joyful movement, getting enough sleep, and nourishing yourself from the inside? These might seem superfluous, but when your physical needs are met, you can emotionally tackle larger issues.

If you've been talking to those in your circle, or the community at large, no doubt you'll hear stories of people dealing with insomnia, GI issues, or daily anxiety. Our bodies physically manifest so much of our emotional stress. Focusing on the building blocks of feeling good by making sure you're getting enough—in terms of nutrients, sleep, therapy, you-time—can do wonders in combating the internal turmoil of external chaos.

Outsource where you can so you can focus on what matters most to you at this moment. Cover your nutritional bases with our Signature Nutrition Program—our plant-rich nutrition program that nourishes and rejuvenates on a cellular level. All delivered right to your door.  


Food is a powerful tool for combatting the winter blues. When building your plate, look for seasonal produce filled with nutrients that naturally boost your mood, like bananas, Brussels sprouts, citrus, ginger, lentils, mushrooms, and walnuts. Dark, leafy greens in particular—like chard, spinach, and collard greens—steer us away from inflammation, dehydration, lethargy, and stress. Plus, when you add all these healing, water-rich foods and vitamins to your diet, you’ll also unlock hydrated, buoyant skin. Win, win.


Find solace in lifting someone else up. Assess your resources—time, money, experience—and use them to guide your generosity. Volunteer, connect with your community, lend a hand to a stranger on the street, pay it forward.

Not only are you directly impacting others, but giving can be a powerful tool for regaining control if you’ve felt out of sorts lately. Research shows that people who regularly volunteer experience an increased state of well-being, as well as feel the “warm glow” of giving back—an increase in happiness that doesn’t fade with each additional donation or volunteer hour, as it does with purchases for ourselves. 

Consider finding ways to give—no matter how small—on a weekly or monthly basis. You’ll be surprised how good you feel after.


Build a wake-up and wind-down routine that doesn’t involve an endless Instagram scroll—choosing to take it slow as you get ready for the day or night ahead. 

Just waking up? Make a point to flood your room with natural light. The rays will recalibrate your circadian rhythm and internal body clock, and set your system up for a better night’s rest when the lights go down. Meanwhile, use your early hours to establish the mood for the day ahead: Turn up your favorite playlist or podcast, and awaken your body with gentle stretching before heading to the kitchen for your A.M. coffee ritual

At night, look to 
meditation, a novel recommended by a friend, or a restorative soak to transition into sleep. Or, try this spa-worthy aromatic facial steam to release dirt, acne-causing bacteria, and toxins. 


Eat your water” is one of our Nutritional Pillars. When we nourish with rainbow-hued, water-rich plants (rather than just drinking water), we hydrate more efficiently, allowing organs and cells the ability to access the water trapped in the very structure of these foods. (This means that when you eat your water, you’re reaping the full-body benefits—deeply hydrated cells, plumped skin, and smooth digestion—for a longer period of time.) Quench your thirst further with Beauty and Detox Water Drops, our potent plant-powered additions to your glass that replenish the missing minerals in your tap and uplevel your daily intake of greens.


Find sources of joy, levity, kindness—both on the internet and IN REAL LIFE—as you navigate stress, and work on shifting your perception. Here and here are some of our favorite nooks of the internet to lift our spirits. Seek teachers, friends, and people that raise your vibration, and surround yourself with them.  

Beyond the health benefits, taking stock of the abundance of blessings in your own life, small and big, can be incredibly cathartic. Begin the day with an act of gratitude (make a list, journal, meditate...), taking note of everything in your life you're grateful for. Share this practice with a friend, holding each other accountable to keep up with it daily, and notice the gradual shifts that take place within. 


Processing all of your emotions (even the challenging ones) is equally as healing as professing the positive. Journaling in a stream of consciousness and addressing the spectrum of your feelings, without shame or judgement, is an important piece of coping with stress. Find a quiet corner, or sit in nature if you have the option, and tune in.

What are you going through? If you don't know where to start to unleash what's buried deep, look for prompts online and seek to release what is weighing heavy on your heart and mind. And if all else fails, screaming at the top of your lungs to release any pent-up stress always helps too. (We're serious.)

 This isn't an exhaustive list of ways to nurture your inner fire, but it is a starting place. Take time to do what feels most nourishing for you, and know that we’re sending you love and light as you navigate the season. 

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