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Juicy, sun-drenched, rainbow-sprinkles-on-everything S U M M E R: oh, it's here. 

With your wide-brim hats secured and SPF slathered on heavy, remember that the youthful, hydrated glow of nourished skin comes from your food. Yes, by eating your water or choosing organic produce with high-water content, you'll be gaining the benefits of hydration straight to your cells plus the phytonutrients, fiber and vitamins in the plants themselves.

Dehydration is what plagues the fatigued, inflamed and those with lackluster skin — but by adding these ingredients to your salads, smoothies + tonics, breakfast plates, and late night snacks, you'll be loving on your body and enjoying the season's most delicious produce. The water will be at its most bioavailable, nourishing you at a cellular level and helping you reach an alkaline, energetic state. Don't miss these babies during their peak— they're all on the menu next week for Top List too! 



We love it because: 91% water; high in vitamin C and lycopene, contains inflammation-fighting amino acids 



We love it because: 88% water; full of minerals like zinc, copper, and magnesium; high in vitamin C and antioxidants 



We love it because: high in lauric acid, which kills pathogenic bacteria in the gut, great source of protein + amino acids, as well as fiber + crucial B vitamin, folate



We love it because: packed with antioxidants and Vitamin B, C and K (incredible for skin!), source of fiber and contains carcinogen-fighting Punicalagin.  


Pitaya aka Dragonfruit 

We love it because: 87% water; full of minerals like lycopene, carotene and phosphorus; the seeds contain alkalizing omega 3 fatty acids



We love it because: "the herb of happiness," albizia helps to calm the mind and is used traditionally in Chinese medicine as an adaptogenic herb; high in polyphenols and antioxidants to help support supple skin; gives the Pink Silk Mylk its rosy hue


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